What makes a mighty dad?

What makes a dad, a “mighty dad”? Is it more than making a mini-me version of yourself?

Is it a dad who exercises and has physical strength? Is it a dad who does something amazing in leadership and business?

Very simply, it is you. You are a mighty dad. It is every dad’s true identity.

Yes, there are many dads who never fulfill their true identity. There are many dads who never become who they are meant to be. They go the opposite route of their nature and their true identity. They harm their children, but that is not their true identity–who God made them to be.

We are born good but not perfect, and something spiritual happens when we become a dad. A leveling up. A power that can’t be broken. A windstorm that mountains can’t contain nor walls obstruct.


Who you are as a dad

Some of us are closer to living out our true identities than others but that’s ok. Our true identity is who we are meant to be. In a sense, it is our truest self. No one can change it or deny it or smear it. No one else defines it, including ourselves. It is who you are. It is your true self. Others may say you are a bad dad, but screw them. They don’t define who you are because who you are is defined by you and God, not others.

To sum it up, you are a good man. You have what it takes. That is your true identity.

Acting on your true identity as a dad

As a dad, you have a true identity that is strong yet gentle, powerful and fierce, gentle and kind. You do whatever is needed for your kids. You truly enjoy them. You help them become who they are meant to be. You don’t control. You inspire. You set healthy boundaries for your kids to live in. You don’t act out of anger. You do whatever the hell is needed to take care of your kids. They are your life. You care for yourself. You balance your needs with their needs. You protect. You play. You entertain. You discipline for growth’s sake. You love deeply.

As you believe who you are, you act on it. You live it out.


So who is a mighty dad? You, dad. You are a mighty dad. You are a good man. You have what it takes. Join me on the journey and step into your true identity–Mighty Dad.

  • Alana Stanton

    Mr. Hamiton YOU are a mighty dad! Caleb is so proud of his family. Thank you for being who you are and instilling such love in your children. Working with both of them has been a gift!

    Alana Stanton

    October 30, 2017 at 7:42 pm

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