“Don’t worry be crappy”

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received in life was from former Chief Evangelism Officer of Apple, Guy Kawasaki. I was at a conference and he was giving a talk on Apple’s product development philosophy.

I’m not an iPhone user but most every one else in my life is. Everyone knows you don’t buy the first round of iPhones. Why? Because they suck.

Even so, Apple is one of the most loved brands of all time and one of the most profitable.

Enter Guy’s advice for life, “Don’t worry be crappy.”

Wow. Can any product leader or dad really be ok with this? Aren’t we supposed to pursue perfection?

So let’s look at some context.

Everyone loves Apple products (ok most do), and Guy isn’t saying to be lazy or ship crap.

He is saying perfection is the enemy—in product development and in life. It is ok for something to not be perfect. It is ok if we are not perfect. Accept yourself with your faults for who you are.

You are good. You are good enough. You are valuable just the way you are.

Let it go.

It is not that important. You must balance perfection against the limited amount of time you have to deliver.

What is more important? Taking an extra 8 hours to line up your shiplap perfectly or get within an acceptable tolerance and only spend 2 hours. Then you have 6 hours for self care and taking the kids out for ice cream.

It’s ok to be crappy. Your crappy-ness is actually a perfection of its own.

So, “Don’t worry be crappy.”

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