Dads are Mighty, Dads are Strong Children’s Book Released

Sleepless Nights

For the first year of my son’s life, he had a very hard time falling asleep. For whatever reason, we decided not to sleep train him unlike his sister (that sounds more awful than it is-dang). Caleb would always wake up every two hours even after 8 months out of mama’s belly. Not that I wasn’t tired or that I wouldn’t sigh when I heard him cry, but I loved getting up to hold him in the night. I knew my time with him at this age was so short and fleeting (now we know why we didn’t do sleep training-aha!).

Anyway, in this sleep deprived state I started telling myself, “Dads are Mighty, Dads are Strong, Dads can go all night long.” Sound familiar? This experience was the “genesis” of something big in my life, little did I know. Eventually the idea broadened to encompass the idea of all dads do to be “Loving you forever long”.

Genesis Realized

That genesis took me on a three and a half year journey to writing, illustrating, working with other illustrators, and finally publishing my new book Dads are Mighty, Dads are Strong.

Dads and family will both enjoy this book. It is the story of a daddy monster as he does whatever is required of him to take care of his kids. It is fun, gentle, lovable and fierce just like a dad’s love for his kids.

The goal of this book is really threefold. First, dads need to hear about their true identity. Hell no, we’re not perfect, but we do have a true identity that is good, loving, kind, and strong. Second, the book makes it easy for dads to share how much they love their kids and how much they mean to him. Third, it is a great way to affirm a dad for family. Dads need encouragement too!

You can find the book on in paperback and as an ebook. I hope to have hardback soon.

So here’s to late nights with crying babies, monsters, and new genesis’s(ssss) as we learn how powerful the hearts of dads truly are.

Click here to check out Dads are Mighty, Dads are Strong

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